Thursday, November 17, 2011

Director's note & a List of Participating Artists

Holyoke Community College

Born of a wish to participate in the Occupy Wall Street movement,  I put a quick shout out for artists to participate in this exhibition. Starting on Oct. 25th (through e-mailings, local newspapers, and facebook contacts) invitations were sent to a wide list of area artists. Once they received the information it was open season for them to continue to share the invitation with others.   The e-mail invitation was titled: RUSH - OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS.  The text and PDF poster file invited them to voice their opinion through their art (be it pro or con) and express their thoughts on the 99% / OWS movement. Usually exhibitions take a full year in advance planning, for this show artist’s were given less than 3 weeks to deliver their work to the gallery. There were two days set aside for this purpose Nov. 8 & 9 from 10am - 8pm. Calling it a “people’s art show” all of the entries were open to all media and all artists. It was my intention to show every submitted art work and am glad to report that I was able to do just that. Artist’s were given the opportunity to price their work for sale with an option to give a % of that amount to support the gallery at the artist’s discretion. Some opted not to sell their work where NFS (Not For Sale) is indicated. 
It’s been really gratifying to see the wide array and high caliber of work that was submitted to this impromptu current event show. With utmost respect to the artists, I gave a great deal of consideration and time to the installation and presentation. Also, wanting to include a space where visitors can continue the dialogue, a bulletin board with pens and paper are provided for that purpose.

Thanks for occupying this exhibition.

-Amy Johnquest
Director, Taber Art Gallery

Participating artists:
Gabriel Baillargeon
David Barsalou
Chris Blair
Tim De Christopher
John Calhoun
Joyce Conlon
Cynthia Consentino
Jorge Costa
Lissie Fein
Steve Goodwin
Peggy Grose
Gary Hallgren
Sarah Holbrook
Lyn Horan
Nancy Howard
Lee Hutt
Rebecca H. Irwin
Astrelle Johnquest
Gilbert Johnquest
Rick Kleiner
Ray Larrow
Phil Lawrence
Seymour Lesonsky
Olivia Master
Rebecca Migdal
William Muller
Holly Murray
Maggie Nowinski
Chris P.
Duane Pipe
John Romanski
Terry Rooney
Samuel Rowlett
Ben Westbrock
W. Wieliczka
Christopher Willingham
Mary Witt

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