Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sept. 24 - Oct. 25, 2012
Gallery talk/reception - Thurs. Oct. 4
4pm - 7pm, artist’s talk begins at 4:30

Artist Statement

The imagery in this body of work produces a diverse number of associations and/or relations between the various icon images offered by western culture and the political sites that these images re-present/symbolize.  As a result, these images/ideas become free signs for numerous relationships engendered by the viewer- potential deposits of personal meaning.  These open-ended links allow the viewer to "recognize" the sign without attaching it to anything in particular; since the works themselves are not directed towards something specific in our culture(s).  The distorted reality of each piece carries formal/stylized elements and cloaked iconography that interplay with visual frequencies and concealed spoofs.  
Often my work attempts to connect the psychosis of "production", "commodity", and "waste" with the fragility of our existence in an environment that is collapsing in slow motion. 

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