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September 21 - October 31

Gallery talk and reception - Wed. Oct. 4th
11am - 1pm - talk begins at noon

Halloween MASKED Closing Party 
Tuesday Oct. 31st, 5:30 - 7:30 

Contributing Artists and Collectors:

There are two separate anonymous sources for work in this show. Both are artists and collectors. One is from Holyoke, MA and the other is from Northampton, MA. 

Ted Eiseman
With his studio based in Haydenville, MA, Eiseman draws, paints and sculpts in a variety of moods & styles, nearly always representational and/or illustrative. He is largely self-taught, defying routine and convention. The papier-mâché masks included in this show were created specifically for Halloween and environmental protests.

Lyn Horan
Horan likes to experiment with a variety of materials, often semi-transparent, overlapping them to emphasize that dichotomy of clarity vs. ambiguity, layering them literally and/or figuratively to encourage the viewer to consider changing perspective. Horan lives and works in Holyoke, MA.

Michael Karmody 
Originally from Scotland, Karmody is a founding partner of Holyoke’s Brick Coworkshop, where he makes his art. Working in concrete and other materials, he is interested in the gesture of information much in the same way that a typographer is interested in the way kerning contributes to the ability of a word to project itself. 

Juan Maldonado-Morales
A resident of Springfield, Maldonado-Morales collects the traditional carnival ponce masks and art works from his native Puerto Rico. 

Dean Nimmer
Nimmer has exhibited his art in over 200 solo and group exhibitions across the US and in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Dean’s artworks are in numerous public and private collections including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, DeCordova Art Museum, Smith College Art Museum and the Drawing Center, NYC. Nimmer teachers art here at HCC. His home and studio are based in Holyoke.

Kamil Peters
Peters is a contemporary metal artist working out of Holyoke, MA, with roots in Texas and Western Massachusetts.  His work embodies a wide range of intricate masks to large-scale commercial installations.  Over time he’s become very deliberate with his intentions to incorporate the spirit of the past with a distinct modern edge as an interpretation of the natural world; allowing his environment to play a key role in how his work is expressed. 

Alicia Renadette 
Based in Holyoke, Renadette is a multi-disciplinary artist whose (often) theatrical work explores and exploits both social and psychological contradictions. Her work has been exhibited nationally with shows at the Sculpture Center, NY, Southern Exposure, San Francisco , Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, VT and most recently a solo show at Occam Projects, Providence RI and an installation in the powder magazine at Fort Jay at the Governor’s Island Art Fair, NYC. 

Jan Stenson
Stenson has lived and worked in Northampton for 60 years. She was educated locally and employed as a paintings conservator.

Stacy Waldman

Waldman is a dealer and collector of vintage and found vernacular photography, specializing in 20th-century snapshots. Photos that she discovered have been included in numerous exhibitions and publications throughout the world. She can be found, selling and collecting at photography and ephemera shows throughout the country and abroad, as “House of Mirth Photos”, and at her gallery and shop, “Spot 22” in Easthampton, MA.

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