Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Art and Artifacts from the 
Highland Hardware Store in Holyoke
Sept.8th thru Oct. 1st
Gallery Hours: Mon - Thurs 9am - 5pm During regular school sessions
Reception/Gallery Talk - 
Wed. Sept. 16 from 11am - 1pm - Talk begins at noon

Harry Craven, owner of the Highland Hardware and Bike Shop has had a lifetime interest in collecting Holyoke memorabilia and historical photographs and has made this collection a part of of his store. A family run business since 1946, just about every square inch of wall space displays scenes, objects, curiosities and signage from Holyoke’s past. Amongst this Harry and crew have also created some (hardware themed) objects de art of their own. Dean Nimmer, an art professor from HCC and regular at the Highland Hardware Store, convinced Harry to allow him to curate a show in the shop and invited 20 artists to embed their art within the store’s inventory. In conjunction with this, Amy Johnquest, curator of the Taber Art Gallery has removed some of the existing artifacts from Highland Hardware and Bike Shop and is exhibiting these selections, now placed out of context from the store, in an art gallery installation.

untitled, detail from in-shop hanging of found hardware objects, salesmen’s samples, wire, chain, etc.

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